Brendan Brooks

Full-Stack Developer
Phoenix, AZ


PicScav iOS App

Perhaps one of the greatest achievements in my short career, this app is the culmination of everything I've learned both in college and at my first job as a developer. The backend is written in Java using the Spring Framework, hosted on AWS. The frontend is written in Swift and makes REST calls to the backend server. The full SDLC process was emulated in creating this app.
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During a class on MVC at Grand Canyon University, we were assigned a group project to be done throughout the whole semester in which we had to create a Minesweeper web application. Utilizing SQL Server and Ajax to provide seamless Minesweeper gameplay, CSS and buttons to create the "mines", and some special algorithms to calculate surrounding mines, this was quite a fun application to make.

 Minesweeper Web App


A Spring MVC application that provides music cloud storage
GitHub Repo

Work Experience

Junior Software Developer
May 2019-February 2020

Implemented features into the company's financial software to accommodate changes in tax laws, as well as add support for a new product type that the company offers

Worked on the company's Learning Management System (LMS), implementing features to deliver digital products that the company sells from within the LMS.

Key Skills Utilized: C#, .Net MVC 5, PHP, Angular, CSS, Problem Solving, Critical Thinking

Junior Web Developer
August 2017-May 2018

My role here was primarily to work on the Wordpress site for the company's main client, Iridium Satellite. My boss would tell me what functionality needed to be added and then I would implement it, usually through PHP, HTML + CSS, and Javascript.

I also put some work into the company's iOS app written in Swift, Dress Measurement

Key Skills Utilized: Problem Solving, Critical Thinking, PHP, Wordpress, Swift, Javascript, HTML + CSS

IT Help Desk Student Worker
October 2016-April 2017

As a student worker for the IT Help Desk at GCU, my role there was to receive phone calls from staff about technical issues they were experiencing, and would either remote into their computer and fix it myself, or route the issue to the correct department. This sometimes included going to classrooms and fixing problems with various audio/visual components within the classroom.  

Key Skills Utilized: Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Debugging, Windows, Mac, Overall Computer Proficiency
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